Happy Friday!

Today’s outfit of the week is pretty simple: a black romper, sun hat & flip flops. Put a bunch of basic items together, to create a chic, minimalistic look.

This was one of the few times I wasn’t wearing a bathing suit over the weekend, so I thought I should capture it! I got the shoes at Charming Charlie & I always get a lot of compliments whenever I wear them (btw, they’ve having a semi-annual sale right now). I’m not sure what they’re called though… Strappy sandals? Band flip flops? Idk, but they’re cute & that’s all that matters! I’ll link similar items below so you can snag yourself a pair! (& they’re both under $20)

Sheln Double Band Slip Ons

LC Lauren Conrad Firefli Women’s Sandal

I was waiting patiently for my continental breakfast in this pic, btw…


Happy Friday!

Today is an especially good Friday because I’m going on staycation! It was the only thing getting me through this week. One of my best gal friends is coming & I’m so excited for a much needed girls weekend. Also, I will definitely be taking tons of pictures so I’ll do a little staycation recap on the blog next week! Now, for my outfit of the week…

This is a relaxed office look. (For all you interns & 9-5ers!) Professional & put together, but comfy. Comfort should be the first thought when getting dressed for work!
Add a cardigan for extra chic-ness & in case the AC is on full blast! Adding layers to any look can help dress it up.


It’s finally the weekend! It’s been a long week. I started an internship at an office so I’m full on adulting, but I get to do what I love so I can’t complain!

I went on a day trip to Flagstaff last week to go hiking with one of my good friends who also happens to take really great pictures… so of course we had to have a photoshoot! I got a lot of good feedback about my background for my outfit of the week last week, so I’ll try to stay creative for y’all!

P.S. Also, I’m as white as the wall, & I promise I tan, but you gotta do what you gotta do to match your theme…

This is the first sun hat I bought & I’ve worn it so much! If there is one item that can take your look from “eh” to “YAS!”  it’s a cute hat. 
This denim sun dress has become a wardrobe staple.
The full look! So chic & comfy. Photos by Rachel Eroh @rachel_eroh


Happy Friday!

I got creative with the background for my outfit of the week. My town actually has a lot of cute spots to take pictures so I decided to give it a try. I recently got a nice camera & I’ve been looking for any opportunity to try it out & practice.


The dress is from Old Navy. It makes a great cover up & is super flowy so it’s my favorite thing to wear on hot summer days when clothes are the last thing I want to think about! Photo by Rachel Spillane @rachellspillane


Happy three day weekend!

This week’s outfit of the week incorporates an off-the-shoulder top & a floppy sun hat; two of my favorite fashion items at the moment. It’s the perfect outfit for the farmers market or lunch with a friend. I will link similar items below so you can recreate this outfit on your own!

Hat-Forever 21

Top- Forever 21

Booties- Nordstrom

The hat is from Forever 21 & the top is from one of my favorite LA boutiques. The booties are definitely my most worn pair of shoes & I got them at Rue a few years ago. (My feet stopped growing when I was super young, so shoe shopping is easy!)



This is the first post in the Outfit of the Week series I will be posting on my blog. My hope is to inspire you all with outfits & places to shop!

These classic wedges are probably my most worn pair of shoes! They are Apt.9.
These classic white pants are somewhat high waisted so they are super comfy. I got them at Old Navy about a year ago, but they are a wardrobe must have!
This top is from the LC Lauren Conrad collection. Absolutely love her style!

Fashion Trend I’m Currently Loving: Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Spring is hands down my favorite season. Not only do I love warm weather, but everything just feels so fresh. Wildflowers are in full bloom & iced coffee is finally an acceptable beverage choice all hours of the day (& who doesn’t love that). But along with the fresh flowers & coffee comes spring fashion. And that is probably my favorite thing about this bright season.

I own my fair share of floral tops, dresses & tanks, but while floral is always in style, 2017 has proven that off-the-shoulder tops can be just as playful & bold. I love the way they can be dressed up or down, from class to a night out. Pair with jeans & converse for your 8 a.m. & then take them to nighttime with sleek white pants & wedges. 

Another reason to love off-the-shoulder tops? They will keep you cool. And while not everyone lives in a 115 degree climate (hello, Arizonians) the season is hot no matter where you’re at. Find a top that has a flare & a flowy fit that allows for movement.

Not everyone loves talking fashion like I do, so I’ll leave it at that. But I suggest heading to the mall to find your own perfect, off-the-shoulder fit.

What do you love most about spring? Let me know in the comments! 

P.S. It pairs best with an iced coffee in hand.